Vehicle wraps help build brand recognition, reinforce brand identity and offer cost-effective, high impact mobile advertising. The District was replacing an aging truck with a new 2015 Ford Transit Van XL, and the District celebrating its 90th Anniversary, and this was a great opportunity to create a buzz in the community. Marketing requested and received all funds from our Parks Foundation to offset the production costs of a full wrap.

The vehicle (measuring 72.2inW x 189.7inL x 72.8inH or 455 square feet), is used by Recreation and Marketing staff to travel around town to various facilities, programs, parks and events all year round. Our ‘mobile-billboard’ with its bold design highlights popular recreation programs and is easily recognizable from a distance. The van made its debut at our Halloween Trunk or Treat event in October 2015 and it has already become a highly visible element strengthening our image in the community.


Art Direction
Graphic Design

Anita Pacheco

Divine Signs


To create brand awareness in and around Arlington Heights.

  • One vehicle is to be used by our plumber
  • One vehcile to be used by our before and after care staff. 


  • Shots of van before wrapped


This project was very outside of the box/comfort zone... as it was my first vehicle wrap. Anita Pacheco, Marketing and Communications Superintendent directed me to do infuse our brand but include 10 photos on each side. I really struggled with including photos on the van - as I wanted ti to be creative, eye catching... but not super busy. I headed to pinterest for inspiration and found some really unique concepts. 

  • I gravitated towards clean white with pop of color towards the back. 
  • I presented several ideas on where we could go, but I ended up giving creative control to Divine Signs - Schaumburg. The final design is a combination of design elements from them and from myself. 




After the final designs were approved on both the CAP Vehicle and the Plumber Truck, we worked with Divine Signs - Schaumburg to get these install. Typically taking about 1-2 days, they rocked it. Now our staff are driving around town getting noticed. (Not picture: Truck - as we forgot to grab installation photographs).


  • Final results
  • Production install?
  • Both vehicles