Joshua Tree National Park, CA - Taken with my Canon Mark IV - 50 mm

 Joshua Tree National Park, CA - Taken with my Canon Mark IV - 50 mm


Adventurous. Chocoholic. Vibrant. Authentic. Passionate. 
Yup, there are two N's in my name... I'll explain my parents thought process on the extra N when we meet. I am quirky, witty, loud(ish) and passionate about GOOD design. I am logical, team oriented, vocal and user-experience focused.  

I am really passionate about what I am working on... not in terms of possessiveness over my work, but in terms of what makes sense for the customer or patron. 

I am born and bred Midwesterner, but my heart aches for the West coast, the ocean air and those dreamy mountain views. I live on Lombardi time and believe that 8 hours of sleep is a necessity for sanity. 

Fun fact: I played for the number one volleyball program in the country and earned a full athletic scholarship in the process.  I am just under 6'0 tall (sadly), a former All-American, 1996 Beacon News "Player of the Year" and Junior Olympian. Ayyyy-o! 


I am ready to work. I know there are no shortcuts in life. My whole life I've only operated at one speed: Full throttle.  I am high energy and full of personality.

I love being thrown into the unknown and trying to figure out how to improve a process or a more efficient way of doing something. I embrace chaos and all that goes along with it. 

When I am not working, you'll find me getting lost on a hiking trail, biking through a forest preserve, hanging with the most amazing niece and nephew around and/or laughing with my family. Family = Everything. 



Photo credit: Josh Beaton 

Photo credit: Josh Beaton 


Ahhh my other love... Photography. Not only does it help me in the day to day, but I love capturing a moment in time. I currently photograph about 75 families a year - mostly kids aged 0-5 years.

I pride myself on PLAY (and yes, that is a turkey hat over my shoulder). Basically, I do whatever it takes to get genuine reactions. Over the years, I've built a strong client base in the Chicagoland area and am fortunate enough to reconnect with families year after year.